Christmas Cookies – Yum Yum

Christmas Cookies – Yum Yum

Holidays are coming, winter holidays are coming! Yaay, the best season is here and we must start making some great plans. Christmas cookies plan!

We are all in love with cookies and this is the time when we can start making them! Get ready for a fantastic adventure to Christmas cookie land!

It will be like diving into an ocean of fun, colors and divine spices. The Christmas holidays are the best season for filling all the trays and the platters with delicious and super-duper cute cookies.


Colorful Christmas Cookies

Cookies tend to uplift  the Christmas spirit and increase the family bonding moments! What can be more amazing than sitting in front of the Christmas tree caroling and savoring delicious sweet cookies? On this time of the year nothing is more amazing than this. Also, cookies are great decorating items. You can place them everywhere in the house and you know they look great even if you hang them in the tree! Adding some sugar cookies to your Xmas tree will be more wonderful and interesting for sure.


Snowy Gingerbread Cookies


Sweet Gingerbread Stars

And here’s a smashing idea! You can ask all your friends and kids from your family to help. They will surely love to color the icing and their coloring will cheer everybody up. The shape of the wonderful cookies has to vary of course and you should choose Christmas theme only! Small boots, stars, little Santas, bells and so many more as long as you respect the holiday theme.


Holiday Cookies

Marzipan is awesome for this time of year and you have to personalize your cookies using this scrumptious ingredient. Add a little bit of red color to your paste and transform the cookies into real Christmas wonders in no time. It will be very simple and all your guests will be amazed. Try writing cute messages on your biscuits too!


Christmas Tree Cookies


Doughnut Style Cookie

Wow, chocolate, don’t you try to forget about it! No way! It has to be on your Christmas table! On the biscuits, on and in your cookies, chocolate is divine and will transform any simple dough into a brilliant dessert. Next in line for the cookie feast is the cinnamon! Cinnamon is perfect in cookies and in hot beverages too so add it to your entire holiday menu.


Red Mistletoe Marzipan Cookie


Crunchy Christmas Cookies With Jam

We talk about all sorts and types of cookies, but what is your favorite one? Do you like the classic ones with a pinch of berry jam and almonds or you love making a huge impression by bringing to the Christmas dinner a fancy poppy pie with fresh vanilla custard? Yum, yum, it sounds perfect!


Poppy Seed Christmas Cake

On these special days kids will invade your home for sure and, if you want to totally impress them too, you have to prepare the most wonderful chocolate pops in the universe. Take the cookie baking to the next level and fill your home with cute, lovely and crunchy red filling cookie stars!


Red Christmas Stars 

Now that we’ve created the big yum-yum cookie list for Christmas Eve we can let the joy and the cheer enter our warm homes and wait for the snow to cover everything with its beautiful and sparkling white blankie!

This year Santa’s gonna love his cookies!


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