Burgundy Inspired Make Up

Burgundy Inspired Make Up

How to impress everyone and feel special?  Experiment new make up with deep burgundy shades.

Today there are a lot of Burgundy makeup items you can choose from if you want a special makeup for a special occasion. You only have to know how to combine more tones and which part of your face you want to accentuate.

There are some rules you should take into consideration when it comes to such a strong and therefore obvious color like burgundy.

1. Use your burgundy lipstick for the fall months and for night events.

2. Not all burgundy tones fit everyone. You have to look for the tone that fits you best. Usually take into consideration your hair color and your eyes. Deep red burgundy is a great shade for brunettes, while a more softer tone, like pink burgundy is perfect for those with lighter eyes.

3. How to combine your eye shadow with your burgundy lipstick? It depends on which part of your face you want to accentuate. If you want full lips then put a burgundy tone lipstick and choose something natural for your eyes. You can also go for nude lips and strong, contrasting eyes. For an evening makeup you can go with different burgundy undertones or the same tone for your lips and eyeshadow.

4. If you feel you want your lips to look fuller you can apply some glossy finish. Usually, this color looks better matte.

5. For a dramatic appearance you can design your nails in the undertone of your lipstick. You will for sure catch everyone’s eyes.

6. Such a color requires confidence so every time you decide to wear it be confident.

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