Best Winter Coats

Best Winter Coats

This winter is all about oversized, cool details and prints coats. Still looking for the right winter cape? Then check out our list with the hottest one!No matter who believes it or not black with classy cuts coats are a timeless piece. While white coats are more feminine, because of the color so they easily fall for cloche cuts. These two pieces are on our checklist for this season, but we still have some other ones.

#1 The classy black coat can be mixed with anything. This one should be in your wardrobe cause is a lifesaver. For a dramatic touch you can mix it with white pieces.

Black Classy Winter Coat - Best Winter Coats

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#2 If you want something less dramatic then black, then opt for a grey coat. If you want a cozy look than go for one made of woollen. For some chic and young look choose a grey coat with attached details like leather.

Grey Winter Coat - Best Winter Coats

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#3 There is nothing sexier than adding a little bit of pastel to your winter wardrobe. If you are bold enough then opt for a salmon fur coat. This fashion item will bring you definitely  in the spotlight. High heels are a must!

Pink Fur Winter Coat - Best Winter Coats

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#4 Pattern and 3D prints are this season’s favorites. A coat with black&white prints will make quite an impression. This should be your key piece for this season to combine it with anything you want. A great combination is blue jeans, high-heels and a quality material cape with black&white elements.

Black And White Motifs Winter Coat - Best Winter Coats

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#5 Add some feminine chic to your outfit and choose a creamy cape for this winter. Is the perfect piece to mix with statement accessories such as high-heels and oversized bag.

Creamy Winter Cape - Best Winter Coats

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#6 If you have the proper height then a longer, over the ankle coat won’t be a problem for you. It will keep you warm all winter. Otherwise stay with the over the knees one if you want to have the proper attitude.

Classy Winter Coat - Best Winter Coats

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#7 This exquisite beige winter coat mix and matches perfectly with black outfits. A simple one, with less details will give you the chance to accessorize with opulent accessories your outfit.

Beige Winter Coat - Best Winter Coats

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