Best Christmas Desserts

Best Christmas Desserts

Luscious desserts are the best way to celebrate this festive holiday, the Christmas!Chocolate cakes, lemon cakes, almond snowballs, marzipan glaze or orange buttercream, you name it! All these delicious sweets are the perfect holiday present for your guests. It’s not only about the aspect but also about the taste!

There is no Christmas without a delicious dessert to make your days merry and bright. Here are some ideas on what to prepare for this holiday.

Delicious cupcakes

Cupcakes are a quick-to-prepare dessert and they can come in thousands of combinations. For Christmas think about the holiday spirit and prepare cupcakes filled with nuts, almonds and currants. Make some lemon buttercream for the topping and ornate them in creative ways.

Brownies - Best Christmas Desserts

Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies

If it’s Christmas then your kitchen must smell like heaven. Make some delicious cocoa cookies, filled with chocolate chips and cinnamon. For some extra flavour you can also add some orange peel and a little bit of quality rum. So get started!

Chocolate Brownies for Christmas - Best Christmas Desserts

Dark Chocolate Cake

In love with chocolate? Then baking a delicious chocolate cake is exactly what you need. Of course, chocolate in the middle and on the top. You can choose between dark or milk chocolate, depends on what you love the most.

Chocolate Cake  - Best Christmas Desserts

 Mousse with Forrest Fruits

This one is a very decadent dessert. You need to be a little more than skilled in the kitchen to prepare this one but if you succeed then it will all be worth it. To look astonishing this sweet really needs the forest fruits topping.

Fruits and Vanilla Mouse - Best Christmas Desserts

Sugar Sprinkled Biscuits

Biscuits are easy to make and you can prepare sooo many combinations. Mixing the ingredients can be really fun if you want to experiment different flavors. Decorate them with colored sugar, frosting and anything that you like.

Sugar Cookies  - Best Christmas Desserts

White Cake

This cake is perfect for holiday because is very festive. You can fill it with whatever fruits you like and then dress it in orange buttercream. Decorating it with some mistletoe leaves will make it even better.

Chistmas Cake - Best Christmas Desserts

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