6 Benefits of Kissing

6 Benefits of Kissing

Kissing comes naturally at some point of your life, with the right partner of course! But kissing also give you other boosts to your entire body!

Did you know that in the average lifetime, a person spends about 20.160 minutes kissing? And it’s not just about the butterflies in your stomach. Kissing gives you an entire set of health benefits.

1. Kissing powers up your immunity

Kissing can indeed increase a woman’s immunity. There is a virus called Cytomegalovirus, which can be contacted through mouth to mouth contact, and can make a lot of trouble to a pregnant woman. It can cause birth defects to the infant during pregnancy. Otherwise, it is relatively harmless to adults. Kissing practically means exchanging bacteria, so the organism becomes immune to Cytomegalovirus, as well as to many other bugs we could come in contact with.

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2. Kissing burns up calories!

It seems pretty hard to believe, but an hour of kissing can burn up almost 70 calories! So if the smooching becomes more intense, it can burn up to 90 calories per hour. Keep that in mind the next time you and your lovebird start kissing. It might not seem much, but it’s something!

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3. Kissing makes us chemically happy

During a kiss, the brain releases a higher number of oxytocins and endorphins, the “happiness” substances produced by the body. This practically makes us feel relaxed and happy. It can even grow our self-esteem, makes us feel more confident. It basically affects the way we see ourselves, and that is incredible!

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4. Kissing helps you find a compatible partner

Your lips and nose area pick up the most sensitive feelings, tastes, touch and temperature. That means that through a kiss you can “check out” your partner up close from other points of view besides his “technique”. This can be considered as a test for compatibility.

But don’t give up if the first kiss wasn’t what you had expected. The first one is way too intense and overwhelmed by other emotions, like excitement or fear. If the second is even worse, then you have your real answer.

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5. Kissing can act as a “face lift”

We use about 30 facial muscles during a make out. And like any other gym exercise, kissing can be considered to be a great one for your face! That means that with every kiss your cheeks “train” up for a long lasting lift.

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6. Kiss your cramps and headaches goodbye!

Kissing can make you forget all about a headache or menstrual cramps. They say that smooching can beat up the “achy ball” position, because kissing dilates the blood vessels and helps the pain go away. So the next time you feel like you’re not in the mood, cuddle up next to your boyfriend and start kissing. It will surely make you feel a whole lot better!

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