Beautiful Autumn Adornments

Beautiful Autumn Adornments

Every season has something special to offer us. When it comes to autumn, everything lies in its colors and its leaves. So let your imagination fly and make your own handmade wreaths.

Transforming your porch into a a cozy place is still your objective even if it’s autumn and you spend less time here. Except decorating the place with pumpkins and autumn flowers such as chrysanthemums, you can make your own autumn wreaths and place them wherever you feel and want. They will surely welcome your guests.

You don’t need too many things. You have to make a round circle from small dried branches, which will be the base of your adornment. Next you can hot-glue autumn leaves and other wreath decorations such as small decorative insects.

The way you want to braid your wreath is up to you. There are a lot of ways you can do it, just use small pieces of strands to bind your wrath.


Make your wreaths last the entire autumn. You can even design one that will be a great Christmas decoration as well. Use as many autumn decorations as you can: from small pumpkins, to almonds and other decorative fruits. A festive ribbon will look amazing on your wreath, especially if you are going to use it for Christmas time.


Your adornment doesn’t need to necessarily have a round shape. You can make everything you like. It’s all about using natural materials such as dried roses and flowers, colorful leaves and even apples and other autumn fruits. The more colorful your wreath is, the better your guests and yourself will feel.


Your wreath’s base can be made of grapes branches because they usually need less time to dry then other wooden branches. And more, they are very flexible so you will easily get the shape you want.  Festive ribbons will make a statement and a great accessory for this fall. Don’t think about how to get as many decorations as possible to make your wreath look amazing. Lastly, you only need some of this season’s riches to create your wreath.


After cleaning your garden from the leaves that have fallen, you can use them to make your wreath. It’s a perfect moment to spend quality time with your friends. And you can glue any other decorations you want, even fresh apples from your garden.


Displaying an autumn wreath on your door is like welcoming fall. And the most important thing is that your wreath will last until late winter. So you can hang it on your door, on your porch or anywhere in your garden or balcony. It will always  remember you of the autumn touch.


If time allows it, you can even paint your autumn decorations. You can give them any touch you want. Cones, grapevines or oak leaves are also allowed.


Make everything from nature. Yes, you can make even your wreath’s ribbon from dried grass. This will give a special autumn feeling to your porch or balcony. For a sweet contrast  you can even hot-glue green leaves.


Just make your own adornment the way you like and with the things you love. Display your wreath anywhere you feel is appropriate and make a warm welcome to the autumn.


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