Are Fruity Beers Really Good?

Are Fruity Beers Really Good?

Beer might have had a magnet for men only, but now there are certain beers made just for us girls. How good are they really?

The malted cereal and starch taste may seem a bit bitter to us, but every year there are new beers with all sorts of new flavors coming out. I have to admit that I didn’t use to like beer at all before the new trend appeared, and I bet there are a lot of women out there just like me.

Unfortunately, besides the classic lemon or grapefruit flavored ones, the ones that seem absolutely magical at first glance turn out to be the worst.

Beer with lime slices

To us, it’s like chocolate. We see the colorful label and all sorts of exotic fruits on them, and our eyes just pop, we start to moist our lips, and then we buy them, just to see how they taste like. But really, most times, we end up disappointed, sober and with a few bucks missing from our pockets.

The truth is that most of them are not all beer. They only contain between 20-58% real beer, and the rest of it is plain fruit juice, syrup and other chemicals to induce the flavor.

And what is worse: the actual amount of real fruit content is almost never really specified. A few beers mention a natural fruit composition of 5% tops. So how healthy can they be?

Beer toast on a girls night out


Plain beers, without any flavor, have been proven to actually bring a whole set of benefits to us, like reducing the risk of a heart disease, diabetes or cancer. And it can help the kidney fight against kidney stones. Of course, all of this only happens if you don’t go too far with the drinking.

But does adding all kinds of chemicals in beers make it less ‘helpful’? Of course it does.

Different beer types


There are only few beers that are specially brewed with real tasty fruit, that are both healthy and really good tasting. And I am talking about Belgian fruity beers – the realest fruit brewed into beer that can be found! But this type of beer is kind of hard to get if you don’t actually live in Belgium.

So we’re left with the watered down, chemically flavored, bad tasting beers.

Friends enjoying beers at the beach

So what can we actually do about it?

We can buy plain beer, preferably unfiltered beer. We can then buy fruits form the local market and try to find the most authentic ones. And then we can make fresh fruit juice. We boil it down a little to make it thicker, add honey instead of sugar to sweeten it up a bit and then mix it with the unfiltered beer.

You can try this with the juice left over from the stirred fruit you put away for the winter.

Try different fruits, mixes and quantities until you find your absolutely favorite.

This way you can avoid chemically induced flavors, personalize it to your own taste and keep the benefits beers bring!


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