8 Reasons He is Acting Distant

8 Reasons He is Acting Distant

Is your boyfriend acting really distant lately? You don’t understand what’s happening with that tender and caring man who was always there for you? Well, this behavior doesn’t necessarily mean he is not into you anymore or that he is cheating you. So, don’t get mad with him before you find out the real reason of his distant behavior. Here are some clues for you, some of the reasons men use to act distant sometimes:

Unhappy Couple-8 Reasons He is Acting Distant

1. He is very busy and stressed out at work

When they are very stressed out at work, men can become really distant at home. Don’t be another stress reason for him. Let him relax!

2. He is not feeling comfortable with himself

Maybe he gain weight or something else happened to him, something that doesn’t make him feel comfortable in his own skin. And this makes him feel afraid you will not like him anymore.

3. You have been arguing a lot in the last days

Couple Arguing -8 Reasons He is Acting Distant

If the two of you have been arguing a lot in the last days, he may act all that distant because he is afraid of another fight. Stay calm and let some day pass. If you know you hurt him during that arguments you have, find a good moment to say “Forgive me!”. If he is the one who said something really stupid, something that made you very mad, he may think you are still angry with him about that and he doesn’t know how to act.

4. He needs some space. He just wants to have some time with himself

Sometimes people need their own space. Don’t be too possessive with him cause he might feel suffocated. Let him have some time with himself or with his friends. Meanwhile you can meet the girls for a chat and some shopping.

5. He is sad or really depressed

Depressed Man-8 Reasons He is Acting Distant

If he is really sad or depressed, don’t take that personally. Be there for him and help him get over these bad moments.

6. He is sick

When they are sick, man act very strange sometimes. Help him get well and don’t worry about his distant behavior. As soon as he gets healthy again, he will be that caring guy you know again.

7. He is mad about something really stupid

Distant Couple-8 Reasons He is Acting Distant

He is mad with you about a really stupid think. And he knows it is something stupid that’s why he doesn’t know how to tell it to you. And this makes him act distant.

8.You’ve changed

Something happened to you and you are the one who has changed. And this scares him  a little bit. Is not that he doesn’t like the new you, but he just doesnt’s know how to respond to this change.


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