7 Must Do Things in May

7 Must Do Things in May

The weather is getting better and better and the sun gives us amazing energy. So, if there is sun, it’s may and we can plan fun activities.In May, indoor becomes synonym with outdoor and sleeping until noon transforms in waking up to get advantage of the amazing weather and friends. So, this month’s code is planing for sure.

We thought about what fun things you can do in May so here’s the list. If you have other in your mind please feel free to complete the list.

1. Camping with friends

Activities with friends are always a great idea to forget about everyday problems. Take off your weekend and go camping. If you want more comfort you can rent a cabin instead and enjoy great moments. Take long walks in the forest and enjoy the fresh air.

 Camping - 7 Must Do Things in May

2. Go green

You have no excuses now that the weather is sunny and warm. Take the city by bike. Not only that you will be eco-friendly with your city but you will get in shape. Perfect legs takes time to build up! 🙂

3. Visit your grandparents

Grandparents are the people to visit no matter the time. But now you can bring them flowers and spend pleasant afternoons, talking about small things and enjoying the wonderful sun.

4. Make your own photography project

You can find inspiration anywhere. And May is definitely the month that will give you enough. Tons of flowers, in different colors and shapes and explosive nature.

Girls Taking Pictures - 7 Must Do Things in May

5. New places should be on the list

Plan a trip and visit a new place. It could be a city or a more exotic place. The beaches are welcoming everyone now and is the perfect time of the year for sunbathing. It can be a trip with your besties or just with your boyfriend just hit the road and have fun.

Girl At the Beach - 7 Must Do Things in May

6. Picnic Time!

Remember I said outdoor activities? Well, preparing a festive picnic for your friends can be fun and relaxing. Buy fresh vegetables and fruits for this occasion, the markets have plenty of these.

7. Party in the Garden

You don’t nee a proper reason to throw a nice party in your garden, or your friend’s if you don’t have one. It can be any time of the day because it’s sunny. Decorating the garden for this fest will be your favorite thing, I’m sure.It’s all about enjoying the nature with your loved ones.

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