7 Hot Spring Dresses

7 Hot Spring Dresses

This spring rejoices us with romantic, elegant and functional dresses. Just perfect to wear them with any occasion.

The trends of this spring are hotter then ever: feminine, chic, elegant and inspirational, just what we needed to wear. Mixed and matched with the right accessories you will look better then ever!

# Animal Printed Dress

A 60s inspired dress, with long sleeves, cute details, such as zippers, and with bold prints will make you look stylish.


Animal Print Dress via chicisimo.com

#2 Bordeaux Silk Dress

A strong color will turn some eyes for sure. Don’t be afraid and go all bordeaux, from head to toe. Hot!

  Bordeaux Silk Dress - 7 Hot Spring Dresses

Bordeaux Silk Dress via fashioncoolture.com.br

#3 Plaid Dress

Plaid prints have something chic and elegant in them. So wearing a dress in these prints will totally make you rock.  It can be for your birthday, a cocktail party and why not school. It’s like taking chequers at another level. Smart!

Chequers Print Dress  - 7 Hot Spring Dresses

Plaid Printed Dress via meetmeinparee.com

#4 Baroque Printed Dress

Prints are the spring’ favorites because they are full of charm and melancholy.  A baroque inspired dress worn on a spring sunny time will totally make your day.

Cool Print Dress - 7 Hot Spring Dresses

Baroque Motifs Dress via miaventuraconlamoda.com

#5 Little Black Dress

Every season has its little black dress, in a new or remastered shape and combinations. One with high waist will be your cool afternoon outfit. A statement necklace is your only jewelry for it.

Little Black Dress- 7 Hot Spring Dresses

Little Black Dress via ella-lapetiteanglaise.com

#6 Pink 80s Dress

Go for an 80s inspired dress with drapes. Because spring is also about light colors opt for a pale pink. If you want to make it the perfect spring outfit wear it with jeans jacket and a cute sun hat.

Pink Retro Dress- 7 Hot Spring Dresses

Retro Pink Dress  via chicisimo.com

#7 Under the Knees Dress

A dress of a longer length is not for anyone. You either have to be tall to wear a dress like this one or you need high-heels. But never dare to wear it with flat shoes.

Printed Under the Knees Dress - 7 Hot Spring Dresses

Printed Under the Knees Dress via chicisimo.com

Cover photo via chicisimo.com

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