7 Useful Tips for Greasy Hair

7 Useful Tips for Greasy Hair

One of the most unpleasant hair problems is the excessive sebum secretion.

This natural oily substance is sometimes too rich, it spreads quickly all over the hair and it cannot be absorbed. This secretion makes the hair look greasy and give it the appearance of dirty hair, although it has been washed recently.

The causes of excessive sebum secretions are multiple and is a good thing to first discover them to be able to treat this problem properly. Teenagers may have this problem because of the changes that happen in their body at their age, older people can have it from different reasons like the diet, a health problem or external factors like the weather from the region they live in. Washing the hair too often, using inappropriate hair products can also be the causes of greasy, oily hair.

Here are some things you should try to do, if you have this unpleasant problem:

Tip 1: A healthy diet


Try to eliminate the fats and oily foods from your diet. A healthy diet can really do miracles.

Tip 2: Don’t excessively wash your hair

Stop washing your hair daily! Too-frequent washing can encourage the production of grease.

Tip 3: Choose the right shampoo


Buy special shampoos for oily hair. Get them from a professional salon or from the drugstore. You can also see a dermatologist, a doctor who can examine your problem and determine what is the best shampoo for you.

Tip 4: Don’t touch your hair too often and brush it gently


Handle your hair as little as possible. Don’t touch it too much and don’t comb and brush it too often!

Tip 5: The lemon juice treatment


If possible, try to skip the conditioner and replace it with a natural treatment. Use lemon juice to rinse your hair.

Tip 6: Cosmetic clay hair mask


The natural cosmetic clay can do miracles to your oily hair. Make a homemade mask by combining the clay with water, then apply this mixture all over your hair. Wash it off after 10 minutes.

Tip 7: The baby powder trick


This is only a quick temporary solution for the moments when you need to reduce the oily hair appearance in a short time. Get some baby powder and put it all through your hair, concentrating on the greasiest parts, wait for 10 minutes and then brush.

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