6 Romantic Dinners For Two

6 Romantic Dinners For Two

A meal cooked from the heart is the best meal. Prepare something he loves and surprise him.

If you plan a special dinner just for the two of you then what to cook to impress him will be your biggest priority. Whether you’re planning a luxurious date or a more cozy one, we thought of some delicious foods for you to cook.

1. Heart shaped pizza

Let yourself inspired by the Italian cuisine and make him a heart shaped pizza. Choose the ingredients he usually likes as topping when you dine in the city. Don’t forget to add some fresh basil and olive oil just before you eat. You can serve your pizza with a fruity and juicy red wine.

Romantic Heart Shaped Italian Pizza - 6 Romantic Dinners For Two

Romantic Heart Shaped Italian Pizza

2. Heart shaped white chocolate cake

For something more elegant you can make a heart shaped mini cake. If you are not into baking then you can order from the confectionery. I bet you two have one that you like the most. And don’t worry, even if you didn’t bake it, he will still love it because you thought about everything. Because white chocolate is not the same as dark one, this type of desert can be more easily paired with wine.

Heart Shape Cake - 6 Romantic Dinners For Two

Heart Shape Cake

3. Veal and vegetables

Even though veal is a more sophisticated food, you can prepare it in no more then half an hour. Before you cook it, season it with salt, black, red and white pepper. Sear it for 2 minutes on every side in a nonstick skillet, that was preheated at high temperature. Serve it with broccoli, snow peas and cherry tomatoes that were previously cooked in olive oil.

Veal Meal - 6 Romantic Dinners For Two

Veal Meal

4. Seafood and vegetables

Preparing mussels will take more than an hour, but this sophisticated recipe will surely impress him. The delicate texture of the mussels and the soft one of the cooked vegetables combines perfectly.

Oysters Recipe - 6 Romantic Dinners For Two

Cooked Mussels

5. Dark chocolate heart cake

Just in mood for chocolate and wine? Then you should make a chocolate heart and garnish it with dried fruits and chocolate. Because of the dark color of the cocoa you should serve this one on white plates. They will make quite a statement. Red wine would be the proper choice.

Chocolate Heart Cake - 6 Romantic Dinners For Two

Chocolate Heart Cake

6. Wine and cheese

If there is someone who knows best how to combine wine and cheese then that someone is Frenchman for sure. So let yourself inspired by the French cuisine and prepare a cozy night eating fine cheese and drinking wine. Keep in mind that choosing the best wine for your cheese stays in the texture of the latter.

Wine And Cheese - 6 Romantic Dinners For Two

Wine and cheese

If you already decided what to prepare for your special dinner then it’s time to start planning all the other details to make it stunning. In How to Prepare a Romantic Dinner  you will find some simple, but great steps to make your evening memorable.

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