5 Foods You Should Say “No” When You Are Out

5 Foods You Should Say “No” When You Are Out

If you want to be fit then these 5 foods should be left out from your going out list. It’s hard to say no to tasty food. But tasty food is not always the healthiest one, on the contrary it can be very dangerous for you body. Every time you go out delicious food is craving at you. Be strong and say no to it! It’s not enough to have a healthy mind but also a healthy body.

Pastry, fast food, smoothies or shakes they are all unhealthy because of the ingredients they contain. Here’s a list with these 5 bad foods and their side effects in time.

#1 Fast Foods

They are easy to get, cheaper and at any corner. Tasty or not, fast-foods  are bad for our entire body because they can create addiction, which means obesity, heart diseases, cardiovascular problems and many more. Fast foods are usually high in proteins, very fat and made from processed food which means lot of chemicals. So it’s better to avoid it and try to cook your own meals at home. Make time for it!

Fast Food - 5 Foods You Should Say No When You Are Out

#2 Pastry

Lets face it. We all like pastry and it comes in so many combinations. But pastry is not the best choice we make cause it is full of sugar, salt, fat and other ingredients that contain preservatives. It’s hard to stay away from it but is better.

Pastery - 5 Foods You Should Say No When You Are Out

#3 Shakes, Smoothies and Fruit Juices

They are tasty but the fact is that these drinks are prepared from frozen fruits, fat yogurt, milk, ice-cream and sugar. There are thousands of combination but in generally they all contain something bad for our body. Prepare your own fruit juice at home from fresh fruits bought from the local market.

Shakes -  5 Foods You Should Say No When You Are Out

#4 Alcohol

If you want to have a glass of wine from time to time after a healthy meal it’s alright. But in excess alcohol has a lot of bad effects on our health. It affects our skin, liver, heart and our daily physical activity.

Wine -  5 Foods You Should Say No When You Are Out

#5 Processed Food

There is no doubt that processed food causes addiction. But because of the ingredients it contains such as mono glutamate, fructose and sugar they generally cause diabetes, digestive problems and obesity.

To take care of your entire body try to avoid these foods. Cook at home with fresh ingredients that you can buy from the local market and not supermarket. Take advantage of all the season’s abundance and eat healthy. In the city order a fresh salad or  a cream soup and a glass of water. Give your body the attention it needs and you’ll see all the positive effects in time.

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