5 Bad Eating Habits We Should Avoid

5 Bad Eating Habits We Should Avoid

Like everything in life there are some general guidelines for what you eat if you want to be healthy and in shape. Our busy life influences every part of our daily activity. Keeping a pace with everything isn’t all the time easy. So it happens when it comes to what we eat.

Everybody consumes frosted food and fast-food from time to time because it takes almost no time to prepare it. Except these there are some other bad ailments that even though they taste good they are our body’s enemies. Just keep in mind that good tasty food is not always the best food.

So here’s a list with the foods you should avoid buying and cooking. Keep in mind that for each of them there is a healthier alternative.

#1 Sugar

It’s sweet we know and it always makes our day but sugar is an unhealthy ingredient. It contains glucose and fructose, but while glucose can be metabolized, fructose transforms into fat when the liver already has the necessary amount of glycogen. From here a lot of problems can occur in time: cholesterol and triglycerides problems, diabetes, heart diseases  and obesity. Instead try do replace sugar with honey and other natural sweeteners.

Dessert - 5 Bad Eating Habits We Should Avoid

#2 Frozen food

There are thousands of opinions regarding the healthiness and unhealthiness of frozen food. The fact is that any food that isn’t raw and is also packed and labeled as healthy food is bad food. These frozen foods contain dozens of preservatives, sugar and sodium. And it’s even worse if you cook them in the microwaves because it destroys all the containing minerals.

Frozen Beans - 5 Bad Eating Habits We Should Avoid

#3 Fat

Lets say there are two types of fats. The “good fat” and the “bad fat”. In the first category we have monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids meaning vegetables oils, Omega-3 (found in fatty fish) and fats that are found in olives and all the oleaginous ( brazilian nuts, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds). On the other hand the “bad fat” meaning the saturated fats that are found in the animal products. The second ones, especially if you fry them are bad for your entire body.

Fat - 5 Bad Eating Habits We Should Avoid


#4 Fried Food

Lets face it, fried food tastes very good but in fact is very dangerous for our body. In time you will develop digestive problems, cardiovascular and heart ones because of the fat it contains. Instead eating fried food you should better cook it in the oven.

Fried Chiken - 5 Bad Eating Habits We Should Avoid

#5 Spice Mixes

The truth is that if you read the ingredients from the boxes you’ll see that these spices contain salt and even preservatives. So you should better prepare them at home by drying the herbs in the sun or planting them in flower pots to have them fresh all year long.

Spices - 5 Bad Eating Habits We Should Avoid

It’s hard not to buy all these foods and eat them we know. But it’s better to be healthy in time and have a refreshing appearance. Try to eat raw food and cook your meat on steams. Try to keep your spices list at a minimum and add lot of fresh herbs to you meals. You’ll see you are going to love it in no time and feel healthier.

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