11 Christmas Dinner Table Ideas

11 Christmas Dinner Table Ideas

The most expected holiday of the year is approaching. You want everything to look amazing, from the Christmas tree to the dinner table setting. Preparation for Christmas starts weeks before this lovely holiday. Maybe we don’t tend to buy everything in advance, but we surely have everything set in our minds. What color will be this year’ Christmas tree decorations, what presents we will buy or what we cook for our dearest ones.

Same goes for the Christmas dinner table. Days before Christmas we establish every detail because we want everything to be perfect: high quality fabrics, embroidered with festive details, elegant candles and plates, different holiday decorations and fresh winter ornaments.

1. Decorate your Christmas table with colorful balls

Small details sometimes are the most significant ones. After laying a taffeta table cloth, embroidered with cute details you can make some nice finishes to your dinner setting by adding some colorful Christmas balls. For a compact setting choose shades from the same color.


 2. Choose Bordeaux for an elegant dinner

A white table setting will remember of the snow. If you want it to be more festive you can add some details such as candy shaped table napkins. You can even put some small presents inside, such as sweets. For an elegant touch opt for some with vintage details.


3. White and golden details

White china with beautiful golden details is always the best option for any festive dinner, specially for Christmas. To make it more cozy add further details such as golden glass balls and organza bows. Some cute napkins ring, made of chinaware will add coziness to your dinner setting.


4. Metallic ornaments

If you have some beautifully flamboyant  plates now is the time to decorate your dinner table with them. For a more vintage look you can match them with some china ones, with blue prints. Add some elegant napkin rings and enjoy your dinner.


5. Golden ornaments

Golden always celebrates Christmas. It’s a cozy, yet warm and elegant color. Using golden ornaments to decorate your table will only bring more happiness to your guests. To be as original as you can use some Christmas balls as name tags holders.


6. Multiple center pieces

When decorating your Christmas table you can make more than one center piece. One of them can be your plates, decorated with beautiful  silk or organza napkins and red bows. The other one can be a silvery candlestick with beautiful red candles. For a warm light you should add extra candles in red or green holders to match the rest of your setting. To bring the Christmas spirit use a red beautiful table cloth.


7.  Use red as you central color

Red is quite an elegant color and the perfect color for Christmas time. It’s up to you how extravagant your dinner table will be. If you want something special some red crystal candlesticks will look amazing. White china and red napkins, with soft golden details, will complete your dinner decoration.


8. Less is more

You can prepare something simple for the two of you. Make wooden elements your center pieces. Make a nice decoration for your cutlery. Wrap you cutlery and some Christmas tree branches in delicate cotton or other natural fabric. It will certainly impress.


9. Black, white and silver details

If you have a beautiful silk or damask table cloth, with black, white and silver details make it the center piece of your Christmas dinner decoration. Use the colors form it for other elements such as the table napkins. Add white candles to you dinner and make a nice pink flowers arrangement to match with the entire setting.


10. Vintage look table arrangement

Of course if you have some beautiful china that your grandmother gave you it will look perfectly on you dinner table. Vintage napkins, embroidered table cloth and silvery napkin rings will be important details. Make a nice Christmas table decoration from red balls and Christmas tree branches.


 11. Floral ornaments

If you feel inspired you can make a beautiful floral arrangement. Just use a lot of green to make it look fresh. To such an natural arrangement you don’t need to many details for your table setting.


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