10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Hoping to impress your boyfriend on V-day? Here’s our guide with things you can do with your loved one on this day to impress him. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and showing our loved one how much we care for him. So being romantic is on our list this day. Keep in mind that exploring, feeling and loving should be the things to guide you when considering a very romantic and special meeting.

  Flirting - 10 Things To Do On Valentines Day

# 1 Flirt

The easiest and sexy thing you can do is to flirt with him and have fun both. Play games only the two of you know and understand. Use your charm to make him fall in love with you for the second time.

Happy Couple - 10 Things To Do On Valentines Day

#2 Take the city

Explore the city together. Visit new place or old ones that both of you love. A panoramic view of the city could be a romantic date. And the best is yet to come. After you journey go at a nice restaurant and have a glass of wine. Talk about you two and plan some awesome escapes.

#3 Have bathing experience at the spa

Have a relaxed Valentine’s Day and check yourselves at the spa. You’ll spend some magical moments together, have fun and feel amazing.

Couple Eating Icecream - 10 Things To Do On Valentines Day

#4 Eat ice cream

Go at your favorite ice cream shop and have some delicious flavors there. Buy the ones he loves and the ones you like the most and try them all. It will be cute and memorable.

#5 Do something new together

Whether you decide to learn to dance, cook something new or anything else you have in mind you’ll see that doing things together is cool and fun.

Hands Red Love Hands - 10 Things To Do On Valentines Day

#6 Recreate your first date

What can be more romantic than recreating your first date as couple? This will bring many great memories and you will talk all night and realize how far you’ve come.

#7 Prepare him the breakfast

Make him feel special, like he’s the man of your dreams. Take care of him and prepare him the breakfast in the morning. It will mean a lot for him.

Delicious Breakfast - 10 Things To Do On Valentines Day

#8 Watch some old movies together

Spend the your Valentine’s evening at your or his place and watch some old movies together. Spice up a little the night and light up some candles for an intimate and lovely date.

#9 Book a hotel

Spending a night in some new place it will be great for both of you. A new place, new feelings and sensations.

Couple Holding Hands - 10 Things To Do On Valentines Day

#10 Tell him you love him

You don’t have to do something extraordinary for you Valentine. You can tell him how much you love him and how happy you are you have him.

Your Valentine Day shouldn’t depend on your budget. You can do fun, new and creative things together. Just spending the whole day together and laughing should make you happy.

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