10 Hair Tips for Humid Days

10 Hair Tips for Humid Days

Humidity can be a real problem for a woman’s hair. No matter if it’s sunny, rainy or cloudy, when the weather is humid our hair is not very happy. Especially if you are a curly girl, your hair will usually become frizzy. But this can also happen with straight hair sometimes. It’s a fact that humid days are bad hair days for most of us. But, as usual, we have solution for you. So, here we go:


If your hair is well moisturized, there will be no room to absorb the humidity in the air, so make sure you will use conditioner when you wash you hair. A hair moisturizing mask once a week or two drops of essential oils massaged in the hair can also be a good idea.

Curly Hair - 10 Hair Tips for Humid Days

2. Use a homemade hair mask

Natural homemade hair masks are very good for our hair. We recommend to use products from your kitchen, instead of buying expensive masks, to create the perfect treatment for your hair in any situation. You can mix 1/4th cup of almond oil with one raw egg. Blend it well and apply the smooth paste obtained on hair and scalp. Wait for 40 minutes before washing hair.

3. Avoid the hair dryer

Let your hair dry naturally and try to avoid the dryer any time is possible. If you must blow-dry, then use a diffuser and be as gentle as possible.

4. Don’t wash your hair daily

Washing your hair every day is not a healthy habit at all. If you have curly and wavy hair, it needs as much natural oil as it can get. Washing it every day will not help at all. In fact this will leave it dry and more prone to frizz.

Beuatiful Hair -10 Hair Tips for Humid Days

4. Rinse your hair with cold water

This is another good idea. Try it and you’ll see it makes your hair feel silky and smooth.

5. Use the right towels

The towels you use to dry your wet hair are very important. Replace the standard terrycloth towels with microfiber ones.

6. Don’t brush!

The brush is not a very good idea for your hair if it has a tendency to frizz. Use a wide tooth comb instead.

Curls-10 Hair Tips for Humid Days

7. Don’t touch your hair

Touching your hair too often is not a good thing to do. The oils from your hands will encourage your hair to frizz, so try to avoid this!

8.Use an anti frizz serum

You can find a lot of professional anti-frizz products on the market. Pick up the anti frizz serum that is the most suitable for your type of hair and don’t forget to apply it on humid days.

9. Braid your hair

Braided hair looks chic and it’s also a good idea for humid days. You can try different types of braided hairstyles that will make you look perfect even when the weather is humid. A good idea is to braid your hair when it is still wet.

10. Try an updo

Hair Bun-10 Hair Tips for Humid Days

If you don’t really have braid braiding skills, try a messy bun or a simple pony tail. These simple and cute hairstyles will make you look pretty even when the weather is humid and your hair wants to get frizzy.

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